Saturday, July 25, 2020

PictureCorrect: Interesting Photo of the Day: Soho Building, Japan

Some photo locations are so good that no matter how many times you come across an image taken there, you don’t mind stopping and appreciating it. The Soho building in Odaiba, Japan is one of those places that’s quite popular. Many photographers and Instagrammers have posted an image of the building. You might have already come across photos of this colorful collaborative complex multiple times. This one is from photographer NG Stephen, and it looks equally fascinating:

tokyo boho building

“Multicoloured facade” by NG Stephen (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

The lighting on the colorful doorways is what makes this image so pleasing to look at. Further, by having the subject stand right at the center of the composition, Stephen has added further interest to the image. The lady in the middle makes it work really well.

If you’re planning to visit Tokyo and thinking of taking a photo there, keep in mind that this place is not open to the public. You’ll need to have contacts with someone who lives or works there for you to be able to visit.

“I genuinely thought this was a public building before my first trip to Tokyo. It was not.”

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